Chicago 1875:City of the Big Shoulders-A 5G4D Review

Ben dons his top hat and becomes the devil of the white city while he muses about Chicago 1875: City of the Big Shoulders. Listen to the review here. Download the review here. Support the show here.

Craig Silverstein

This week's guest is Google's first ever employee and architect of the search engine, Craig Silverstein. We talk about the early days of Google, the need of philanthropy and games on your wedding day...but which games did he choose? El Grande Power Grid Schotten Totten Bohnanza Viva Topo Listen to the show here. Download the show here.... Continue Reading →

Sandy Petersen

This week's guest is a bonafide legend of both the tabletop and digital gaming worlds. Designer of Call of Cthulhu and Doom he both revolutionised the RPG and the first person shooter. We discuss being a pioneer, faith and the future...but which games did he choose? Contract Bridge Culdcept Saga World in Flames Hyperspace Mega... Continue Reading →

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