Spyrium- A 5G4D Review

Another day looking out on the wasteland the planet has become and thinking about games. This time Ben reviews Spyrium by William Attia and Ystari Games. Listen to the review here. Download it here. Facebook. Twitter. BGG Guild.

Kathleen Mercury

This week I speak to games teacher and designer of the upcoming Dirty Dragons from Kolossal Games, Kathleen Mercury. We talk about the challenges in teaching game design to gifted children and the rewards in organising a gaming con. But which games did she choose? Listen to the podcast here. Download the show here. Twitter Facebook BGG... Continue Reading →

Isaac Shalev

In this week's episode I talk to renaissance man, Isaac Shalev. We talk about his history as a designer, the joys of working in a partnership and how his faith influences him and his work. But which games did he choose? You can listen to the show here. Or download it here. Twitter Facebook BGG Guild  

Rise of a Remnant.

Based on the board game, City of Remnants, Rise of a Remnant charts the rise, through the criminal underworld, of a young hungry "rem". The City of Remnants is a city populated by alien refugees that have been captured by the cruel overlords of the galaxy, The Yugi. If you're not big enough to work... Continue Reading →

Episode One- Gil Hova

Twitter Facebook BGG Guild   In this first episode I speak to publisher, designer, podcaster and all round fount of knowledge, Gil Hova. He explains why he was a misfit as a child, the trials, tribulations and joys of publishing your own work and what the man from Paizo did to him; but what games... Continue Reading →

I’m just like Blanche Dubois.

        Twitter Facebook BGG Guild In this ever increasing digital labyrinth that has become our world, I find myself bumping into the dead ends more and more (it is a strange coincidence that I have been in mazes in stately homes with two women and they have both dumped me  within a... Continue Reading →

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