Nigel Scarfe

This week Ben speaks to Nigel Scarfe, owner and founder of Imagination Gaming. Imagination Gaming is a company that takes games into schools, prisons and old people's homes and encourages communication, learning and confidence through the medium of games. They have brought games to over 500,000 people since their inception and are eager to hear... Continue Reading →

Isaac Childres

This week Ben talks to one of the new titans in board game design and the designer of Forge War and Gloomhaven, Isaac Childres. They discuss becoming liberal, the Higg's Boson and what it's like to be the best...but which games did he choose? Listen to the show here. Download the show here. Support the show here. Twitter... Continue Reading →

Aram Vartian

This week Ben speaks to the host of Godsfall, Aram Vartian. They talk about the importance of RPGs, how America is failing on mental health and what it is like to come out...but which games did he choose? Call of Cthulhu The End of the World Car Wars R.I.F.T.S. DnD Listen to the show here. Download... Continue Reading →

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