Frank West on The Isle of Cats

Ben got hold of Frank West from City of Games to talk about his new game, The Isle of Cats. Listen to the the interview here. Download the interview here. Support the show here.

Richard Garfield

This week I talk to the inventor of Magic:The Gathering, Richard Garfield. We discuss mathematics, inventing a genre and the craziness of the secondary market...but which games did he choose? Listen to the show here. Download the show here. Dungeons and Dragons Cosmic Encounter Titan Hanabi Poker Twitter Facebook Support the show here.

The Guild w Mike DiLisio

Ben sits down with yet another American who's made it over the channel, Mike DiLisio and they lament the passing of gaming conventions. Listen to the show here. Download the show here. Join the Guild here.

Thoughts on Reviews

In light of people, inconceivably, thinking it's okay to be paid for reviews I thought I'd dig out something I wrote for the patreon backers that elucidates my thoughts on the subject. Listen here. Download here.

Elizabeth Hargrave

In this week's show I talk to designer of Wingspan, Elizabeth Hargrave. We talk about how crazy Florida is, being in Washington on 9/11 and designing the hit of the year...but which games did she choose. Listen to the show here. Download the show here. A pack of cards. Castles of Burgundy Wingspan Race for the Galaxy... Continue Reading →

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