Zev Shlasinger

In this week's episode Ben welcomes publisher and all round gaming titan Zev Shlasinger into the cabin. They talk about how he got started, bringing Pandemic into the world and how he is transforming Wizkids...but which games did he choose? Listen to the show here. Download the show here. Twitter Facebook

Brass: Birmigham- A 5G4D Review

Ben wipes off the coal dust from his hands and examines the Victorian joys of Brass: Birmingham. Listen to the review here. Download the review here. Support the show here. Twitter Facebook

I’m just like Blanche Dubois.

        Twitter Facebook BGG Guild In this ever increasing digital labyrinth that has become our world, I find myself bumping into the dead ends more and more (it is a strange coincidence that I have been in mazes in stately homes with two women and they have both dumped me  within a... Continue Reading →

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