Tom Russell

This week’s guest is the co-owner of Hollandspiele, Tom Russell. We talk about lonely childhoods, the use of war games and how to live creatively…but which games did he choose?

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  1. Just finished the episode and found it really interesting, especially his reasoning regarding roles in This Guilty Land. I work in education and am involved in a role-playing pedagogy called Reacting to the Past, in which students take on roles in key historical moments of intellectual debate. There is an RTTP game surrounding Frederick Douglass and the defense of slavery, and it has been criticized for the exact reason Russell mentions: it puts students into the roles of slavery’s defenders and thus puts them in the role of defending slavery. Russell’s comment that slavery was indefensible, and that the act of compromise is thus inherently… er… compromised, is a really interesting take on exactly why the game raises problems. Thanks for a very interesting show, as always.


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