Lincoln- A 5G4D Review

Ben surveys the aftermath of his plays of Lincoln.

Listen to the review here.

Download the review here.




3 thoughts on “Lincoln- A 5G4D Review

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  1. You barely memntion the game in the first two minutes of the ‘review’. That’s almost half of the 4;30 length. I leaned very little about the game in the review. I learned some things about you.

    Let’s make a deal, I won’t review dungeon crawl games with massive miniatures, as I don’t understand them nor appreciate them, and you don’t review wargames. Is that a deal?


    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the review(the inverted commas were a nice touch btw), as for your deal, if a company gives me a game for review consideration I have no choice but to review it and, unfortunately, in my own inimitable(though there are few that would wish to imitate it) style. As I’m something of an autodidact, I’d be happy to glean any knowledge about subjects I’m unfamiliar with and, as it seems, you’re an expert(I only have your word for it but I already feel I can trust you) I’m sure learning at your feet would be a pleasurable and, I’m sure, fragrant experience. While I find it unlikely that I can ever woo you with my prolix ponderings on games of all genres(I am something of a generalist), there is something on my feed that I’m sure you will enjoy. I had the honour to interview Mark Herman, who I’m sure you’ve heard of and while his knowledge of war games probably pales in comparison with your encyclopedic grasp of the topic I’m sure you might be able to glean something from his forty years of war game design experience. Here’s the link:

      Anyway, thanks again for listening and although I couldn’t accede to you proposal I am sure that with gatekeepers like you the war gaming hobby is in rude health and uncontaminated by those who wish to learn.

      Have a great holiday season.



  2. Ben,
    Thanks for the reply. You had me until “while his knowledge of war games probably pales in comparison with your encyclopedic grasp of the topic”. Wow, nice bit of sarcasm. If that was because I used ‘review’ in quotes? Did I hurt your feelings so you have to attack me? Could you not accept that your review was not very useful to a prospective player or purchaser of the game being reviewed?

    if you review a game, whether you like it’s theme or not, then review the flippin game. If you were sent a copy of the game to review, then review it. It does not hurt to say that you were sent a copy to review and it is not your genre. That takes a few seconds rather than 2 minutes.

    If you want to critique wargames then do so in a separate podcast.



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