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In this ever increasing digital labyrinth that has become our world, I find myself bumping into the dead ends more and more (it is a strange coincidence that I have been in mazes in stately homes with two women and they have both dumped me  within a week, all this stuff about sapiosexual may carry some weight). This means that to get anything done on computer I have to rely on the kindness of strangers, or at least good-hearted people who are willing to put up with my digital illiteracy and mind-bendingly stupid questions.

One such person is the glorious Craig Taylor. A man of such preternatural patience that he was willing to guide this website to completion without me even detecting a whiff of frustration, although I am sure he prayed to every available deity to strike me down so he would be able to stop answering my inane inquiries.

This website is down to him. After I reached out on Facebook he offered to do everything and the fact that I can write this post at all is down to him. Thank you so much Craig, you have saved me years of my life and my neighbors the disgraceful imposition of having to stomach the cacophony of me bellowing at my computer screen like a buffalo giving birth.

This is the first post on this website and, hopefully, the first of a veritable library of clever people having me ask questions at them.

I really hope you enjoy the show. This hobby is full of fascinating and talented people and some of them have had the good grace to have me take up their time and record it.

Thanks in advance for listening and if you want to follow Craig on twitter (you should) and read his stuff (you double should) here are his deets.

Craig’s Twitter

Craig’s Website


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